About Me

For whatever reason you have looked at this blog. If you’ve decided that it’s a shoddy piece of work and, for that reason, had to learn about the nutjob behind it, I thank you for your curiosity.

the lunatic in charge of the asylum

That’s me all right. I’m a goober who likes many books, paintings, films, nature, and most sorts of music with a leaning towards classical, jazz, and well-written lyrics from troubadour types.

Thanks for looking in on my ramblings. I’m going to try and keep them short because, frankly, I don’t know if I trust you shifty internet types. I’m really a crotchety old man in a 22 year old’s body. I went to NAU (go Lumberjacks, even though I never went to any peppy things) and became an English major, much to the befuddlement of my family. As most English majors ultimately do, I write some fiction and poetry.

I’m new to any sort of online participation, so that should explain why everything looks so craptacular.

Cheers, Brad (of the pitiful beard)

PS – For my bookish nerd cred, it should be noted that I normally wear glasses.


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