Amazonian cloud-shapes

aerial view of the Amazon rainforest

aerial view of the Amazon rainforest–and please click on this to see full resolution!

I’ve been reading almost nothing but books from the Latin American Boom lately, and it’s been inspiring me to google the hell out of a whole continent’s landmarks and cities. Several countries just shot to the top of my travel dreams.

PS – I’m always seeing camels and seahorses in cloud shapes. Whales, too. If I squint, that bottom shadow in the picture looks like all three creatures to me.



4 thoughts on “Amazonian cloud-shapes

    1. bradjordahl Post author

      It’s like you have “wizard-eyes” and the sky is your Rorschach test. It must be awesome to go on walks with you and have these things pointed out.

      Try this with Scrunch’s hair: take a photo of a patch of hair and zoom in, you’ll start seeing faces in the different hair colors. Trippy. I’ve done that before with pets, which should be prime evidence that I don’t need drugs to have a good time. Imagine how WEIRD I’d become…


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