7 thoughts on “advice for marathon runners

    1. bradjordahl Post author

      Holy Crap, Karen! I was looking at this nifty scale of the universe visual (http://htwins.net/scale2/) and it included the length of a marathon next to similar distances. Apparently the official length of a marathon (via Olympic committee) is 26.2 miles. And Rhode Island’s width is only 38ish.
      Ever thought of your runs in that light? Traversing a state by running shoe just sounds badass. More so if it’s Alaska (what with the bears) or Texas (what with the gun-toting Republicans), but still…you’re a badass in my eyes.

      1. bradjordahl Post author

        Don’t you have a marathon coming up, O ye of triathlon awesomesauce?

        Either way, you’re still badass. I hope that’s what you were agreeing with.

      2. bradjordahl Post author

        Whatevs. Triathlons require THREE badass skill sets. So if anything you’re badass to the third power.

        Now that’s a bumper-sticker.

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