as spirit animals go…

tumblr_mzsf7fvJfM1qiaclwo1_400this little guy is pretty much me. A stoic monkey carrying his snowball, and passersby cannot be sure if he is upholding a Sisyphean task or preparing to plonk someone in the back of the head. He’s a monkey of mystery.

Plus, the scale is vague enough that this guy could be a yeti. It’s possible that he’s an 8-foot tall behemoth carrying a boulder coated in snow.

Do you have any spirit animals you’d like to claim? If so, comment and give me a picture link to your familiar in a badass pose. Points to anyone who can find a badass butterfly.


2 thoughts on “as spirit animals go…

    1. bradjordahl Post author

      Sorry to whoever took this beautiful monkey photograph. I found it on another person’s site and he didn’t give credit, so yeah.

      And YES–you definitely have badass body language, not to mention the fierce hair. I approve of your kitty.


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