happy hallows

Vintage-Halloween-Cards-vintage-16380117-508-800I hope everyone has good plans for the night. I don’t have anything to attend, but I sadly know that I would dress up as Shaggy from Scooby Doo and go around the party unmasking people. Yep. Maybe you can see why I didn’t get any invites?

I used to love Halloween and the chance to ham it up, but Minnesota often ruined my well-produced costumes by dumping three feet of snow on the ground and kicking up the wind chill factor. I have many fond-ish memories of putting on a last minute mask or face tattoo so that something wouldn’t be hidden by my puffy winter coat. The year of the latex gorilla mask was a big mistake–the outflow from my runny nose congealed in the nostril holes and ran down the furry moustache. I could have waxed the tips of that.

Currently listening to multiple versions of Mahler’s 7th symphony on repeat–great Halloween mood music.

Have a great evening and what the hell?! This picture is going to inch closer everytime I close my eyes tonight.



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