a Beethoven manuscript

Just beautiful, isn't it?

Just beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ve been away for awhile. Not from home. And definitely not from my computer. But all the same I’ve been in some corners of my head. Just thought I’d drop in at 2am to share this photo. I’m at that stage of insomnia where reading and music are like narcotics to me–if I ran marathons, I’d want to begin one in the mood I’m in now. Just dizzy and light-headed casual with ideas. I’m really tossing around those big life decisions as if they were merely breakfast ideas. A body has to give way to that every once and a while.

There might be more book posts in the future; I’ve had a really good streak of new reads lately, but Ulysses really made me step back and question how academic a stance I want to bring to this blog. Cheers, Brad


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