Music Monday: Bird, Italian Baroque, & Mt. Goats

Just because I can post a playlist. Think of it as an eclectic three-piece composition.

First, a wonderful piece by an ignored composer. This one piece by Merula became daily listening for me during my sophomore year of college. As such, it’s one of those memory pieces that can bring up the shifting grind of college buses, the lack of morning sunlight in my basement room as I waited for my noisy roommate trimming his moustache, or all sorts of 1 AM walks on the grounds looking for the Big Dipper (it’s the only one I really recognize and I’m still thrilled to spot it).

Now the slow middle movement, “Embraceable You” played by the great Charlie Parker. I’ve really been in a mood to discover more of his music lately–that tone just speaks.

And I don’t care that I’m posting a bunch of tracks from the Mountain Goats–they are rightfully good. Here is “Weekend in Western Ilinois,” a slightly atypical example of John Darnielle’s lo-fi era.


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