Your ideal dinner party?

marilyncarsonanddinesenI’d like to think everyone would have some reason for wanting to be present at this gathering. Seated from left to right, there’s Marilyn Monroe, who is much more than a sex symbol; Carson McCullers, who is much more than an Oprah’s book club suggestion; and Isak Dinesen, whose book is so much more than the film version of Out of Africa. Arthur Miller’s elbow and pantleg can even be seen on the left. I admire all of these people and it’s nice to realize that they admired each other. Sort of makes the whole world into this friendly, slightly otherworldly dinner party.


2 thoughts on “Your ideal dinner party?

    1. bradjordahl Post author

      Yep, poor girl. What is really interesting is that she and Carson were good friends. They met up more often than this to be awesome together.


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